How to create a SafeAssignment
Note: SafeAssign is currently under evaluation as an alternative replacement for TurnItIn and will be evaluated in Fall 2011.

Go to Blackboard Learn, log in, and select the course you wish to assign a SafeAssignment. Next go to the left side of the screen and click on the box that show your course title to expand it. Select Content.

Go to Assessments and select SafeAssignment.

Go to Enter Information and fill out everything. Look at the chart below if you are unsure what anything in Enter Information is for. Note: If you choose to enable draft version keep in mind the assignment is submitted into the database but not stored, therefore if you want to have a final version stored you must create a new SafeAssignment and make sure Draft is not clicked.
In Optional Announcement you can send an optional announcement to inform your students that they have a new SafeAssignment. It is recommended that you do this so that students are aware that they have a new assignment.

After you filled in everything go to Submit and hit Submit. Your SafeAssignment is now assigned and you can now see the assignment in your content folder. SafeAssignment are easily identifiable by their green logo that has paper with a check on it. If you need to make changes to the assignment then select the action link next to the assignment's name and hit edit.