Select an audio file to play on the page. If Autostart and Loop are both set to Yes, the audio file will begin playing when users open the page and will continue to play until they stop it or navigate away from the page. Include a transcript for those that cannot hear the audio file. More Help

For instructions with photos, please visit this page.

Adding Audio
  • Go to Content Area/Folder
  • Click Build Content tab
  • Click Audio
  • Fill in the name and other necessary information
  • Click either Browse My Computer or Browse Course to upload the file
  • Select any Advanced Options
  • Select Yes by Permit Users to View this Content
  • Select any Standard Options
  • Preview Audio (optional)
    • Click Preview
    • Interact with content
    • Click Back
  • Click Submit

Deleting Audio
  • Mouse over the audio‚Äôs name
  • Click the arrow next to the name of the audio you wish to delete
  • Click Delete
  • Click OK

Advanced Options
Autostart: This makes the audio starts playing immediately after the user clicks on the link
Loop: This makes the audio repeats over and over again
Include transcription: This allows students to still access the information, if they are unable to use the audio file, or if they want to follow along with the words.