Assignment with Photos

Assignments are a form of assessment that adds a column to the Grade Center. Use the Grade Center to assign grades and give feedback to each student. More Help

For instructions with photos, please visit this page.

Creating an Assignment

  • Go to Content Area/Folder
content area.png
  • Click Assessments tab
assessments tab.png
  • Click Assignment
assessment tab menu assignment.png
  • Fill in the necessary details and attach files as needed
assignment name.png
assignment ao.png
  • Select Make the Assignment Available
  • Select any Standard Options wanted
  • Click Submit

Deleting an Assignment
  • Mouse over the Assignment name
assignment icon.png
  • Click the arrow next to the name
assignment arrow.png
  • Click Delete
context menu delete.png
  • Click OK
delete click ok.png

Advanced Options
Submission Details:
  • Attach a Rubric: this allows students to see the rubric you are going to grade them with. Learn to create a Rubric here.
  • Assignment Type: Individual Submission versus Group Submission - this allows previously made groups to submit one assignment that counts for all group members. Learn to create a Group here.
  • Number of Attempts: allow students to submit once, a set number of times, or an unlimited number of times. You can also set which submission will count for the grade for the last two options
  • Plagiarism Tools: This allows you to use the builtin SafeAssign tool
Grading Option:
  • Enable Anonymous Grading: Student names are hidden during the grading process
  • Enable Delegated Grading: Assigns grading responsibilities to one or more graders
Display of Grades:
  • Display grade as: Set primary and Secondary (optional; shown only in Grade Center) - chose which two of the options, score, letter, percentage, text, and/or complete/incomplete, are shown to students.
  • Include in Grade Center grading calculations
  • Show to students in My Grades
  • Show Statistics (average and median scores) for this item to Students in My Grades