Note: Currently you cannot create audio in BBLearn itself, you must create your audio using a audio recording program.
Also this page explains how to add audio comments to a regular assignment. Plagiarism assignments such as TurnItIn have their own audio comment tool.

  • Log in and go to your course.
  • Go to the Control Panel in the left menu
  • Click on Grade Center to expand
  • Click on Full Grade Center.
  • Next go to the assignment you wish to comment on and hover over the assignment.
  • An action link should appear next to the assignment, click on it
  • Select Quick Comment.
    • Note: the assignment must be graded before you can add a audio comment, if it's not graded then you will not be able to see or select Quick Comment.


  • After you press Quick Comment a small window should open. At the bottom of this window click on the Text Editor button.

  • The Text Editor Feedback and Notes window should open.
  • Right below Feedback to User there should be a toolbar.
    • Make sure your toolbar is expanded so that you can see all your buttons, if it isn't click on the down arrow button on the far right.
  • Click on the media button which is the icon that looks like this MediaIcon.pnglocated between the image icon and the button that looks like a plug.



  • A new window should open up called the Insert/Edit Embedded Media.
  • Go to Type and click on the drop down menu
  • Select Embedded Audio.
  • Click Browse my Computer to select an audio comment stored on your computer OR click on Browse my Course if you have already uploaded the audio you wish to use.
  • Click Insert
  • Click Submit.